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Local Languages on cell phones


hindunnet.gifThis is interesting, from CIOL, on how Nokia and Samsung are developping cell phones which support several local languages in India .

"With local language computing becoming a reality, the trend of providing local/regional language support is becoming increasingly popular with mobile phones.

"According to Nokia India Pvt Ltd MD Sanjeev Sharma, All entry and mid-range phones from Nokia support Hindi. Other phones support Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil and Bengali while the Nokia 6030 supports nine-language user interface. With this, we cover about 80 percent of the Indian population.

He added, “Currently, phones supporting local languages are being sold in the States where that specific language is being spoken. The company is planning to market some phones, which support all the regional languages, all over India. For this, the company is currently studying the demand pattern.

Samsung is also providing local language support on many of its phones. Samsung D500, besides supporting messaging in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali and Punjabi, also supports menu in Gujarati and Kannada.

The Samsung N700 supports five different regional languages and features a multi-language dictionary to support easy and intuitive SMS."

IM and SMS, not the death of language

Communicating using instant messenger, text messaging, even blogging are changing the way humans communicate, writes Wired.

"The technologies have opened up a whole new field of linguistic studies, and researchers say the impact will be as significant as the advent of the telegraph and telephone.

Traditional linguists fear the internet damages our ability to articulate properly, infusing language with LOLs, dorky emoticons and the gauche sharing personal information on blogs. But some researchers believe we have entered a new era of expression.

"Resources for the expression of informality in writing have hugely increased -- something not seen in English since the Middle Ages," said David Crystal, an author and linguistics professor at the University of Wales at Bangor.

During a seminar on language and the internet at the AAAS meeting Friday, researchers presented their findings on internet communication techniques. Read on in Wire

Oxford Dictionary goes SMS savvy

ATB,KIT,CUL8R,B4N! This simply means all the best, keep in touch, see you later and bye for now - All acronyms included in the latest version of the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, reports the India Express Bureau.

"It's editor, Sally Wehmeier says; "people like to know how to send out an email, whether it is OK to use informal language, whether it is acceptable to start with hello, etc."

The dictionary in fact explains that text messages, chat room messages and sometimes emails can be written using the smallest number of letters


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